During the festival there will be a wide range of snacks and drinks - if possible with a 'Nordic' touch. Of course, you should not take that 'Nordic' too literally because we try not only to eat as tasty as possible, but also as local and sustainable as possible. We therefore use as little disposable packaging as possible and cook with sustainably generated energy. You can pay with pin or contactless. No hassle with coins. Those who want to dine in advance can go to restaurants in the city not far from Junushoff. We make some suggestions:


Soek Damascus (Syrische keuken) | Hoogstraat 20  |  6701 BT Wageningen | 0317-356 314 |

Diels Restobar (Frans modern) | Vijzelstraat 2  |  6701 DC Wageningen | 0317-422 694 |

Sa Lolla (Italiaans) | Molenstraat 6  | 6701 CX Wageningen | 0317-417 463 |

Eetcafé H41 (Bruin eetcafé) | Herenstraat 41  |  6701 DH Wageningen | 0317-421 715 |

Drinks and Bites | Markt 9  |  6701 CX Wageningen | 0317-452 222 |

Colors (Worldfood)| Markt 15  |  6701 CX Wageningen | 0317-417 463 |

My Asia (Thaïs) | Hoogstraat 9  |  6701 BJ Wageningen | 0317-411 029 |

LEV (Hotel De Wereld) | 5 mei plein 1 | 6703 CD Wageningen  | 0317-460 444 |


Wie wil overnachten in Wageningen kan daarvoor op meerdere plekken terecht. Er zijnverschillende hotels en B&B’s te vinden.


If you want to spend the night in Wageningen, there are several places to do so. There are a number of hotels and B&Bs.

If you have a modest budget or are not interested in a hotel stay, you can also submit a request for a place to stay with Wageningen jazz lovers on the form below. Also if you want to offer a place to stay, you can fill in the form. We will then ensure a safe match without your data coming online. If you want, you can enter preferences for man/woman/age, we will take this into account as best as possible. If you have an idea for a nice compensation, you can fill that in too.



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