Gulli Gudmundson Trio

Gulli Gudmundson (bass)

Jeroen van Vliet (piano)

Koen Smits (trumpet)


Icelandic bassist Gulli Gudmundsson (1971) has been playing bass since his early childhood and after high school he studied at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. After graduating there, he quickly became part of the Dutch Jazz scene and played in many leading bands (Gatecrash, Wolfert Brederode Trio and Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet). For years he toured with the versatile pianist Jeroen van Vliet in Eric Vloeimans' Gatecrash, so that both feel each other flawlessly.

During the pandemic, Gulli and Jeroen (along with sound artist Michel Banabila) worked on their EP 'Glow/Speck of Dust'. During the Make It Jazz 2022 festival, trumpeter Koen Smits from Tilburg joined the duo with whom a new adventurous trio was born. The improvisations of this trio take you on a mysterious journey through soundscapes and surprising turns. Both jazz giants and the young trumpet talent Smits find each other in their glowing, lyrical sound and emotional playing.


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