Ellen Andrea Wang Trio

Ellen Andrea Wang (bass, vocals)

Rob Luft (guitar)

Jon Fält (drums)


Ellen Andrea Wang sings, plays bass and composes. She was born and raised in Søndre Land, Oppland (Norway). She has played with Sting, Manu Katché, and Marilyn Mazur, performed at many major jazz festivals, is part of vocal jazz group GURLS, and has her own projects such as Pixel and Ellen Andrea Wang Trio. And the latter trio can  be seen live at work in Wageningen.


In addition to Ellen Andrea Wang (bass and vocals), the trio consists of Rob Luft on guitar and Jon Fält on drums (do you remember how he played the stars of heaven with the Bobo Stenson Trio last year?). Please listen to their third album 'Closeness' from 2020 in which the 3 musicians play wonderfully together and the compositions are beautifully developed. And do you know what The Guardian writes about Ellen Andrea Wang? ‘A commanding presence in any ensemble she plays in, her soft tone and vocal precision are always counterbalanced with heavy and assertive grooves from her double-bass, interlocking with drummers, jazz, pop and groove alike.’ And they are well informed. In any case, we are looking forward to this concert. If only because the combination of vocals and double bass fascinates us.


More info at www.ellenandreawang.com