Kleine zaal

Bugge Wesseltoft - piano, keyboards

Dan Berglund - bass

Magnus Öström - drums


When Bugge Wesseltoft made plans for a piano trio, he asked Magnus Öström (drums) and Dan Berglund (bass) to join. Magnus and Dan, together with pianist Esbjörn Svensson, formed the renowned E.S.T. trio that got big attention and admiration all over the world. This successful band came to a rough end when Esbjörn died in a diving accident in 2008. Although it might feel obvious to consider this trio as a kind of continuation of the E.S.T. trio, it is not the intention of this trio. Rymden is, however, a collaboration of 3 musicians who, at the same time and from the same region, were involved in innovative jazz worldwide. And that cooperation is amazing. The trio mixes influences from modern jazz, Bach, film music and rock into a special concert experience. Not to be missed!


More info at www.rymden-music.com